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"Well? Whatcha waitin on?"

As a young child my mother use to make me do what she desired to have done when she wanted me to do it. In that very moment if she perceived that there was any type of delay or stalling being attempted on my behalf she would look at me with a mean and angry look on her face and say, "Well? Whatcha waitin on?"

This was the last warning before any physical consequences would be executed. That look that she had on her face was very intimidating and I knew that if I didn't move quick, fast, and in a hurry to get done what she wanted done there would be harsh consequences and sometimes long lasting effects of those consequences.

When we have aspirations we think it, we dream it, and we get the idea in our head but sometimes we tend to stall and delay. Sometimes we don't even come up with a plan. Ideas always seem great until it's time to execute the plan. For various unjustified reasons we become lazy or intimidated by the things that we dream of or aspire to do.

As a result we tend to suffer avoidable consequences that will have lasting effects in our lives. These consequences could be avoided if we could just hear the voice of mom in our heads saying, "Well? Whatcha waitin on?" When we hear that voice it could trigger our actions and cause us to do it knowing that if we don't harsh consequences will certainly be imminent.

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