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Rony Francois "The Credit Hero"

Rony Francois "The Credit Hero"

There are approximately over 40 million Americans with a 599 credit score or lower. So, you can see why there is a need for what I do. I am a Credit Repair Specialist also known as the Credit Hero.

My mission is to focus on consumer education and provide a unique and personalized experience. We strive to eliminate the burden of financial uncertainty while creating a plan of action and peace of mind for your future. Over the years, I have made a major positive impact in my clients’ lives. After assisting Rony Francois The Credit Her clients in repairing their credit profile, I always go the extra mile by providing the necessary tools for clients to maintain their good credit. My main focus is to ensure that each client is knowledgeable about breaking the poor credit cycle, maintaining good credit, and building generational wealth.

I continue to educate myself, by successfully completing education courses, reading, and learning more about finance, which is not only beneficial to me, but for my clients as well. Due to my dedication and consistency with my clients, a large number of my new clients are referrals from past clients.

Contact information:



IG: @mrrony_Credithero

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