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Interview With Jo King

Photos by EMK Photography

Interview By Anita

Hosted By B.o.s.s. Code Magazine

Interview With Jo King

Anita: I'd like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me.

Jo King: No problem. It's an honor.

Anita: How does it feel being back in Boss Code Magazine after three years?

Jo King: It's always an honor and privilege. Boss Code Magazine is one of the best magazines out right now. Never in a million years would I expect to be back.

Anita: Let's address the elephant in the room. Since the last time you were in Boss Code Magazine a lot has happened.

Jo King: Yeah, for the better and the worse.

Anita: How about we get the bad things out of the way. The first question I'm going to ask is are you still on probation and could you tell us a little about why that was and still is a big deal.

Jo King: I have about six months left to do after being sentenced to three years probation. I was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer. On the day in question, I was at a Chevron gas station in Willows, California. The security cameras showed that I did not resist arrest and that I was physically assaulted. The officer tripped me on the ground. In a split second, I tried to break my fall but instead, I broke my hand and my face was busted open. While all the evidence proved my innocence I was repeatedly treated by police after the fact and felt like I was forced into pleading guilty. So that's what happened.

Anita: Police brutality is something big here in the United States. Do you have any advice on how the police should handle situations?

Jo King: They shouldn't racially profile or judge people. They are to serve and protect. We can see that's far from what they do. And honestly, I don't think police can get a better rap. The damage is done and the people are upset. My only advice is that we need change. Less force and maybe nonlethal ammunition.

Anita: That's terrible what happened to you. And your right it happens more often than not.

Jo King: True, true. It's bad to know that when you are innocent you are guilty no matter what. You have to piss in a cup, can't leave the county or state. It just creates more obstacles. It's very demeaning. I've done wrong things in my life. We all have. But to those who are innocent, it's terrible how the legal system screws the people.

Anita: What is it like being on probation?

Jo King: Probation is bad itself. I've had good and bad P.O.'s but a majority just treat you like dirt. The terms and conditions are the worst part. Sometimes you have to do domestic violence classes. I've had to twice. Going in there, I mean come on. If you are not guilty you have to hear what these other people have done. And then think we'll why the f$%& am I in here. I didn't do anything to anyone. If I did, I would own up to it.

Anita: I understand, OK let's move on.

Jo King: Sounds good.

Anita: I heard you have a couple of movies that you are doing. Care to tell us a little about that?

Jo King: Absolutely. So, I'm playing Jason Fields in the film The Abortionist. He's seeking revenge for what he feels the doctor has taken away from him.

Anita: And you co-wrote this film?

Jo King: Yeah. I was given the opportunity so I said let's do it. I wasn't thinking about being cast in it at the time but I'm honored to take on this lead role.

Anita: Sounds very interesting.

Jo King: I'm going to be in another film called BBW. The title can be misleading. It's about a female who has been traumatized from past experiences and ends up let's just say finds her way to cope. I play Carlos an ex-gang member that detectives believe is the reason behind a bunch of murders.

Anita: I can't wait to see these films. Well, we’re coming to the end of the interview. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us and your fans?

Jo King: I have another album coming out in 2022. It’s called The After Life. I also have a single out called Love Loss which is getting good feedback. I want to thank the fans for supporting me these past seventeen years. I love yall. And this is just the beginning. I plan to keep going. As CEO of Kings Corner Entertainment, my goal is to see these actors and musicians reach their dreams. While it might be Kings Corner just know the King is always in your corner. You don’t have to be asleep to live your dreams. You are never too old to accomplish what you set out to do. You can do it. No matter what they say. No matter what they do. Live your dreams.

Anita: Very powerful words Jo. Thank you again for taking the time out to do this.

Jo King: It's my pleasure. Thank you Anita and thank you Boss Code Magazine. Till we meet again.

Instagram: @joking.inquiries


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