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'Finding Your Why" featuring Film Director Eric Sattler from NVision Films. In this episode, @DEZ THA REASON and Eric talk about the importance of knowing your "Why" when pushing forward to accomplish your dreams.

BOSS CODE TV sat down with the great Horror Author Frederick Williams to discuss his journey as an author. Frederick Williams is very passionate about what he does and we loved coming into his world of horror and motivation.

B.O.S.S. CODE MEDIA GROUP sits down with JRG The Prodigy to celebrate his career on a new episode of B.O.S.S. CODE TV. In this episode, we discuss "The Turning Point" which we are all faced with on our path to greatness. Will you turn and make the necessary changes for greatness when the time comes?

Doug Jenkins has been a successful sound engineer for years. We sat down with him for an episode we call "SUFFERING AND SUCCESS" to discuss the difficult moments in our entrepreneurial journeys.

Welcome to B.o.s.s Code TV! This episode Interviews Coach Watkins and his United Boxing Club.

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