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Welcome to the B.o.s.s. Code era

Creative independence is the pulse of America and every free nation alike. It’s the job of the current generation to not only learn from the past, but to be innovative towards the future. Every idea has value and potential in our ever changing world and every creative voice deserves to be heard.

B.O.S.S CODE is committed to helping the motivated of the world exercise their potential, as well as helping the unmotivated find their potential and drive within. With our Business over social stress mentality, we are creating a wave with our motto “Greatness Is A Decision.

We are a group of artists, business minds and motivated individuals who became fed up with the limited availability of platforms for the independent lifestyle. So what do you do when you are fed up? You take matters into your own hands. In 2013 we established B.O.S.S CODE MAGAZINE as a trial run to test the waters. We learned that there were so many people all over the world just wishing for someone to listen to their story and give them a chance for their voice to be heard. We found musicians, inventors, models, business owners, authors and agenda driven people with a hope and taste for a bright future.

Breaking the norm we have managed to promote a lifestyle of independence while still establishing relationships with well known celebrities, corporations and individuals. We have created a platform that enables the independent lifestyle and the corporate lifestyle to coexist and network with one another. As we continue to move forward we bridge new countries, cities and states together to not only grow our community and reach, but to allow our readers and clients to grow together.

We are inspired by everyone we work with and strive to provide quality work for your promotional needs. We have a great team who are driven to share your story, business or dream in our magazine or on our website. Dreamers and innovators are the fearless bunch of the world and we are ready to walk fearlessly with your next big idea, vision or creation.


1 (888) 721-2287

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